One of the Most Important Actors of the 20th Century

Since 1990

In 1990, Charlie Matthau had just finished supervising the release of “Doin’ Time on Planet Earth,” his first feature as a director, when his father Walter asked him to become his manager, working with Walter’s long term agent, Lenny Hirshan.

During the next few years, Walter’s salary quintupled and the Matthau Company, Inc., had a helping hand in putting together several films including “Dennis the Menace,” “Grumpy Old Men,” and “The Grass Harp.” The company also expanded into television, resulting in several successful M.O.W.’s for CBS Television.

The early part of the twenty-first century was not kind to the company as both Walter and Carol Matthau passed away. Charlie Matthau along with his wife Ashley, are leading the newly formed company, Matthau Media, Inc. into the future with a slate of projects in various stages of production.

The Matthau Company, Inc. remains the overseer of Walter’s name and likeness, as well as the treasured on-film legacy that Walter gave the world.